When I was in elementary school, I made a timeline of my life. At 30, I would be in Paris at culinary school. I'm not quite to 30 yet, but I always knew I wanted to travel around the world from a young age.

I was born in a small town in west Texas, grew up in Texas, Tennessee and Minnesota. I wanted to be a pastry chef and then a costume designer and now I'm teaching English in Austria.

I like to knit lace shawls, bake goodies and eat them and read. I collect tarot cards and Matryoshka dolls. I lost my luggage for almost a week the first time I went to Berlin.

I applied three times for the Austrian Fulbright USTA program. This will be my first time in Austria, and I plan on enjoying this amazing experience and I am truly honored to be an Austrian Fulbright USTA. 

This picture was not taken in Austria!

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