Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mexican food and guns

I've found two things that Texas is famous for (or infamous, depending on your perspective) in Austria: Mexican food and guns.

The shelf at the store nearest me.
At the closest grocery store to me, there is only one shelf of Mexican food.

At the bigger grocery store.

At the bigger grocery store in the town center, they have TWO shelves of Mexican food! While the selection is limited, I'm glad to know that I can buy tortillas and I saw that one can buy an assortment of chili peppers at the larger grocery store. Who knew?!

The first day in my new home, I noticed that the family I'm renting from has a gun on their wall. This is purely decorative, I'm sure, but it surprised me!

Photographic proof!


  1. Must be hard to live with limited selection of Mexican food.

    i would be surprised too if i found a gun in my rented place. but the gun color matches the wooden wall though,haha.

  2. Seems like there are some hunters in the family! :)
    Glad you found some Mexican food!