Monday, October 15, 2012

When it rains in Austria, it pours.

I don't know if the weather normally is like this in Austria, but the best way to describe the weather in Austria is wet and unpredictable.

Usually, when I wake up in the morning and go outside, it's so foggy that I can't see the mountains. I always check the weather before leaving and the humidity is also very high every day! And it rains a lot. And I mean a lot! I don't think I've lived anywhere where it rained this much! One of my teachers told me this is a little unusual, and I hope that's true. I'm just sitting here listening to it rain right now.

On Friday, I went with Holly, another TA, to Sankt Johann to go out to a bar. I checked the weather beforehand and it seemed like it might rain, so I grabbed my umbrella. On the way to the train station, it wasn't raining, but a slow drizzle started once I got to the station.

Upon arriving in Sankt Johann, the rain started pouring. Holly and I had to walk into town, uphill in what was pretty much a flash flood. I thought weather in the US was extreme, but that was some of the worst rain I've had the pleasure of walking in. Usually, going into Sankt Johann is a pain, because the town is situated on a hill. I was so focused on the rain that I didn't even notice we were walking uphill! We also got terribly splashed by a passing car on the way to the bar!

Once we made it to the bar, we were both completely soaking wet. Even though I had an umbrella and Holly had a hoodie on her jacket.

So this is Austrian weather. Can't wait until it snows!


  1. Oh no, you got to see the ugly face that fall can have in Europe. Yes, it can rain like this. But it can also be very, very nice. I sure hope you get to see some of those nice days, too! :)

    1. It's actually been very nice here this week! We did have a little bit of snow earlier this week, but yesterday and today were lovely. I heard it was because of the Föhn.

      I might be coming to München this weekend!